Hyderabad: Gadget Free Play Areas Available For Kids..18 Establishment Of Attraction Games ..

Hyderabad: Along with the changing times .. there have also been many changes in the way of life of man. In the mechanical age, with the passage of time, the urns were running. And talking about children .. studying all day with TV and cell phones .. forgetting that it is mentally and physically enjoyable. Places are disappearing in the concrete jungle. Gadget Free Play Areas are being set up in the Hyderabad metropolis to engage children. Kids are showing interest in playing large scale games as it is Summer Holidays. A play area called Crazy Kidji with a circus theme has been made available on Necklace Road.

Experts say that playing games is very beneficial, even if it is a daily exercise for the mental and physical growth of children. Technological changes are taking place with changing times. With the advent of online games, the focus on physical activity has been declining. With the advent of video games, the situation of coming out and playing in the playgrounds was no more. Gadget free play areas are becoming available in Hyderabad to engage children. A play area named Crazy Kidji with a circus theme has been set up on Necklace Road. There are 18 types of attractions like trampoline, sliders, wall climbing, sticky wall and rolling chair.

Organizers say such gadget free play areas can contribute greatly when children become addicted to cell phones, laptops, TVs and gadgets after the Corona Pandemic. Parents say that playing games increases the physical fitness of children. He said it would be with a good mind set to bring the kids in the evening and play games like this. Kids are showing interest in playing large scale games as it is Summer Holidays. Interesting birthday celebrations for kids, a play area named Crazy Kidge set up on Necklace Road to spend their free time with the kids has become available.

Many parents invite friends to the birthday boy. Parents say the Crazy Kidji set up with all the amenities for them is great. It is said to bring more happiness at a lower cost.


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