Hyderabad: Exciting loan apps gang .. Money in accounts even if the request is not put .. Finally

Loan Apps Harassment: Online loan apps gang is on the rise again in Hyderabad. Investigators are committing harassment by depositing money in accounts without making a loan request. The gang, which is sending links directly to the app download, is making cash deposits. The harassment starts with having to pay money on weekdays after that. Harassing in the name of photo morphing if not paid. Victims are suffering from bloodshed. Police identified the gang as Chinese. It has been confirmed that the app is being operated by three people from China. This loan app is operated by Work From Home without call centers. The perpetrators are making threats through Google translation. However, the victims are pouring money into their accounts without permission. Police have already registered cases against hundreds of loan applicants in the twin cities.

Incidents of people suffering from depression due to harassment by loan apps, defamation and suicide have recently become a sensation. Recently, incidents of harassment of online loan app managers by sending nude photos to some non-borrowers have also come to light. No matter how many steps the police take to clamp down on them in this context, the result will not be the same. It has become common for the police to remain silent for some time after taking action, and for new forms of lending and harassment. Hyderabad police are advising people to be careful about such things.

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