Hyderabad: Drunkards on the road .. Nana Hungama riding a bike and drinking drugs ..

Hyderabad: Drug lords are running out in Hyderabad. Not that here and there..drinking is creating nanahangama. Fresh on Nadi Road .. it was also driving a bike .. drinking drugs .. doing hull hull. In the middle of the traffic on the freeway, these ammunition is becoming dangerous to other motorists and those coming from behind. Any mistake made while riding a bike is more likely to cause an accident to either the drinker or the person behind them. Freshly drunk two ammunition .. Going on a cart on the freeway .. Yama became kinkers for other motorists. Going into details ..

On the Bharat Nagar Bridge in Hyderabad, two drug addicts caused a commotion on the road by drinking heavily on a bike. One by one he chipped in with a bottle of the drug, annoying those next to him. No matter how many bad incidents happen, no matter how many people are forced to make such mistakes .. no matter how much the police say, they do not change. Others are concerned that such drunks are taking their toll on others.

Reporter: Noor, TV9 Telugu

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