Hyderabad: Another flyover has arrived to alleviate the traffic congestion of city dwellers. Start over KTR‌ hands ..

Hyderabad: It is a known fact that the government has already constructed several flyovers and underpasses to alleviate the traffic congestion in the city of Hyderabad. Many of these have become signal-free in many of the busiest, busiest places in the city. Meanwhile, another flyover has recently been made available to ease the traffic congestion of IT employees.

Minister KTR on Tuesday inaugurated the Road Over Bridge (ROB) constructed at Kaitlapur in Kookatpalli constituency. Hi-Tech City – This ROB was built between the Borbanda railway slots. This will reduce traffic towards high tech, KPHB and JNTU. Due to the construction of this flyover, high-tech commuters from Secunderabad, Balanagar, Sanath Nagar and Kookatpally can now easily reach Madhapur from the Kaitlapur Bridge. With the availability of this bridge, the distance will be reduced by three and a half kilometers and the traffic problem will be checked. The total length of the road on this bridge is 675.50 meters and the width is about 16.6 meters. It was built with a 5.5 meter service lane.

KTR fire once again on the center ..

After inaugurating the Kaitlapur flyover, Minister KTR said he was outraged at the Center for referring to the progress made by the TRS. Prime Minister Modi was asked to say why the central leaders were coming to Hyderabad. What is given, what is being brought is what is coming here. He called on the people to show restraint to those who see peace in peaceful Telangana.

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