Hyderabad: A company that is converting old autos into new ones.. Replacing batteries instead of diesel and gas engines

Hyderabad: The number of vehicles in Hyderabad is increasing day by day. In addition to private vehicles, public transport vehicles are also increasingly plying on the roads. If this continues we will face many difficulties in the future. The government hopes to provide air pollution-free air to the previous generation. As part of its efforts to promote EV usage, a company called ‘enviro smart’ in Hyderabad is converting old cars into new ones. In addition, diesel and gas engines are being removed from them and converted into battery autos as per Central Government Rules.

In Hyderabad, people travel mostly in autos. Autos are seen everywhere. The government has been trying for many years to reduce the pollution from such autos. As a part of that, the government is encouraging auto drivers by providing electric autos. Apart from autos, all vehicles are becoming electric these days.

Enviro Smart Company in Hyderabad has thought that there is a possibility of reducing pollution if old autos are converted into batteries apart from new autos. What are the benefits of these autos for the auto drivers who are struggling due to increasing fuel prices day by day. The owner of the company is removing diesel and gas engines from old autos and converting them into electric carts

According to the central government rule, after re-modification of the vehicles and getting the necessary approval, they are taking the old autos of the customers and converting them into electrical autos. By doing this, not only the fuel prices but also the air pollution is reduced. An electric retrofit engine costs less. An old auto can be converted into an electric auto like a new one at 60% of the cost of a new auto. In the process of changing the engine, the Automobiles Research Association of India got permissions and passed 20 types of tests and got the ARAI certification. Along with passenger autos, cars and autos are also becoming electric.

Reporter: vidhay, TV9 Telugu

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