Hyderabad: A car crash in the old town .. A woman who was hit by a car and jumped .. Recorded on CCTV

Hyderabad: No matter how many laws are brought, no matter how many awareness programs are carried out by the police, authorities and social activists, the trend of motorists is not changing. For fun, or anxious to reach the destination quickly, vehicles are driven at excessive speeds .. bringing on the lives of others. Recently, a tragic incident took place in the old city of Hyderabad. Going into details ..

Hyderabad: A car riot broke out at Kamathipura in Old City. A Qualis vehicle rammed into two women walking on the road near Fateh Darwaza. As the car collided head-on .. the woman jumped. Those visuals were recorded on CC footage there. The accident took place while the women were on their way home from the dargah.

The woman sustained serious injuries in the accident. The woman was rushed to Osmania Hospital for treatment. Police are working to identify the owner based on the car number. A case has been registered against Qualis driver under sections 279 and 337.

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