HYD CCMB: CCMB Good News .. You can deal with any deadly viruses with this technology ..!

HYD CCMB: CCMB scientists have invented new technology to combat deadly viruses such as corona. From now on, the vaccine will be ready for any virus easily. Let’s learn about technology. CCMB scientists have developed a new type of mRNA to fight the new virus. CCMB scientist Dr Madhusudan Rao says that with this MRNA it will be easier to make a vaccine for new viruses. It has been suggested that many genetic mutations in the corona have led to the emergence of new viruses. It took them years to make the vaccine. But with this MRNA, the virus can be vaccinated within a month.

The Corona pandemic has claimed millions of lives. The delay in inventing the vaccine and the delay in making them available to all made a huge price to pay. Scientists believe that this technology will help prevent such damage in the future.