Fuel Pumps Close: Petrol banks closing in Hyderabad before midnight .. The reason is ..!

Fuel Pumps Close: On the one hand, motorists are facing difficulties due to increase in petrol and diesel prices. On the other hand, more problems are arising due to shortage of petrol and diesel. Diesel and petrol banks in the city, especially HPCL dealers, are facing shortage of supply due to fluctuating prices in the international market. As a result, many petrol bunks in the city are closing before midnight. Savings on electricity charges, overheads and wages also seem to be a factor. Oil companies, on the other hand, have changed their credit policy. Industries, rates are higher for bulk buyers such as TSRTC.

Oil companies are strategically discouraging supplies to petrol and diesel dealers in the city, raising concerns that this could lead to a shortage of petrol and diesel in the coming days.

The surrounding areas of Greater Hyderabad consume 35 lakh liters of petrol per day, while the same diesel consumes 40 lakh liters. Dealers say sales have also declined slightly as petrol and diesel prices have been rising day by day. According to some dealers, to reduce their losses, oil companies have increased fuel prices for bulk buyers such as TSRTC. However dealers are being forced to pay the amounts in advance without taking the amount later. When it comes to HPCL .. they are only working in one shift now unlike in the previous two shifts. With this, if the consumers are having problems with petrol and diesel prices, new problems have started due to the shortage of fuel. It is becoming more burdensome for motorists as prices rise. Ordinary people are eager to get their vehicles out. According to market sources, petrol and diesel prices are likely to go up further in the coming days.

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