Finger Print Scam: This is the next level of forgery .. The police are shocked to know the real matter ..!

Finger Print Scam: Using billions of uses .. We keep seeing in the news every day about the catastrophes that are making millions. But this gang .. Next level for all of them. The most difficult fingerprints are forged and monetized. In fact, with the intention that fingerprints may be difficult to forge, the government is using a biotric approach to everything. But those fingerprints are also being forged by fake gangs. Cyberabad police have arrested a gang who made fake fingerprints and laundered cash through biometric system. Police arrested the main accused Venkatesh and six others. Rs. 3.4 lakh cash, fake fingerprints and biometric devices were seized.

The details given by the police regarding this case are as follows. Nallagala Venkatesh .. worked as a computer operator in the Collectorate office in Kurnool. Downloaded several documents from the website of the Department of Registrations. He collected the names, Aadhaar card and fingerprints of many of them. Made fake rubber fingerprints similar to the fingerprints in the documents. Cash withdrawal using Aadhaar number based payment method. They put fake rubber fingerprints on the biometric machine and easily diverted the money to their own accounts. A police investigation has revealed that cash has been diverted from 149 clients so far.

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