Chemical Blast: Huge blast in Afzal Ganj, Hyderabad .. One killed, another injured ..

A huge explosion took place inside the Afzal Ganj police station in Hyderabad. Chemical blast in the backyard of Gauliguda mosque in Afzalganj area has caused panic. One person was killed and another was injured in an explosion in Gauligouda. A sudden explosion was reported while pouring chemicals into the mine. According to locals ..

Bharat (32) runs a chemicals business. However, he was passing obsolete chemicals into a ditch in front of the house. It was in this order that Sunday also poured into me as well. He then stirred the chemicals with the help of an iron rod in my throat. There was a sudden explosion. Bharat was killed on the spot when he was blown up by the blast. Another person was reported injured along with Mridi in the incident. Upon receiving the information, the police rushed to the spot and examined it. The body was shifted to Osmania Hospital for postmortem. Police conducted an investigation based on the closeteam. Locals were in a state of panic over the incident.


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