Bandi Sanjay: Bandi Sanjay is the top among the politicians of Telugu states .. in any case ..!

Bandi Sanjay – Social Media Promotion: Political publicity has become a trend. All political parties are turning to social media horizontally. Leaders of Telugu states are rushing to the top of social media spending.

The political news trend has increased on social media. Facebook and YouTube are widely used for publicity. It is estimated that from 2019, all political parties in the country have spent nearly Rs 188 crore on social media campaigns. Leaders of Telugu states are at the forefront of campaign spending on Facebook.

BJP state president Bandi Sanjay spent Rs 4 lakh 95 lakh on his campaign on Facebook for days last month. Telangana BJP spending in Facebook ads has placed Bandi Sanjay in 5th position in the country.

The party’s financial affairs in-charges say they had to spend for publicity in the wake of the campaign. YS Sharmila is also spending heavily on social media campaigns. 60 thousand rupees was spent on Facebook for the last month. It seems that all the political parties are preparing to spend heavily on campaigning on social media for the upcoming elections as a whole.