Agnipath uproar: Details of the young man who died in the police firing at Secunderabad railway station .. His older sister in BSF

Protest against Agnipath: A young man named Damodaram Rakesh was killed in the Secunderabad riots. He appears to have died after being hit by a bullet in a police shooting. Tragedy struck his family with the news that Rakesh was dead. Rakesh hails from Dabbir Peta village in Warangal district and dreams of becoming an Army jawan. With the change in the rules in Army recruitment .. today he took part in the agitation at Secunderabad station. His body was taken to Gandhi Hospital where he died in police firing. Gandhi Hospital doctors said they would conduct a postmortem on the body after completion of police formalities. Rakesh’s sister Sangeetha is also serving as an Army jawan. She is currently on duty in West Bengal as a BSF jawan. Rakesh practiced hard to join the army with the encouragement of his sister. It seems that he came to Hyderabad three days ago. He was killed in a shooting at the Secunderabad railway station today.

Bullet in the chest of another young man

Another youth was injured in a bullet wound in Secunderabad. The bullet went from the chest of a young man named Vinay in the police firing. Vinay was rushed to Gandhi Hospital in Hutahutina. Vinaydi is identified as Mahabubabad district. When the bullet landed in his chest .. Vinay was ready to fight. He was rescued by colleagues and taken to hospital. The Vinayagar Mandal seems to be a village of Maddivancha. Vinay is currently being treated at Gandhi. Doctors say his condition is critical.

What happened in the morning at the railway station?

The Secunderabad railway station was quiet till 9 am. Appeared to be bustling with passengers. After that there was a sudden commotion. A large number of young men entered the station. Some had been stoned in advance. Others grabbed sticks. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station. Hundreds gathered one by one. One looked at the other and nodded. Parcel counters were attacked. All objects were scattered. The goods were dumped on the rails and set on fire.

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