Agnipath Protest Updates: Rakesh’s funeral is over .. Find out the latest updates on the Secunderabad event

Agnipath Protest: Normalcy prevailed today at the Secunderabad railway station, which was ravaged by riots and vandalism yesterday. Passenger congestion continues as usual. Fear among the passengers was allayed with the high security of the police. Passengers arrive at the Secunderabad Railway Station to reach their destinations. Meanwhile, railway officials have once again clarified the damage caused by the demolition of the Secunderabad railway station. According to preliminary estimates, property damage of Rs 12 crore was reported, said South Central Railway Manager AK Gupta. Mainly two, three, four and five platforms were mostly damaged.

Police have arrested Aavala Subbarao, who is believed to be a key culprit in the Secunderabad railway station vandalism. Scenes of the arrest were recorded on a CCTV camera. The wave of arrests in the vandalism case continues. Police have arrested 22 people so far. Narasaraopet was found to have been attacked by the candidates. Hyderabad police have identified most of the protesters as candidates for the Syd Defense Academy.

200 people in the vandalism incident?

The 17 accused in the Secunderabad case appeared before a railway court judge. A total of 200 people are estimated to have been involved in the Secunderabad riots. Police are already detaining and questioning 52 people. 17 were convicted and produced before a judge for remand. Police are investigating for the remaining accused.

Rakesh’s funeral is over ..

Rakesh, who died in a police firing at the Secunderabad railway station, was buried in his hometown. Thousands attended his funeral and paid tearful tribute. Rakesh’s funeral procession started from Warangal and reached Dabirpet amidst intense tensions. Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao offered condolences to Rakesh’s family members. Errabelli spoke to Rakesh’s parents and promised to take care of them in all possible ways. Errabelli demanded that the Center be held responsible for Rakesh’s death.

Ministers Errabelli, Satyavathi Rathore and TRS leaders first paid homage to Rakesh’s body at the Warangal MGM. From there the Narsampet Mandal took part in the final journey to Dabirpet. Minister Errabelli deceived by Rakesh.

Extreme tension at Rakesh’s funeral

Earlier, riots erupted during Rakesh’s funeral in Warangal. Protesters pelted stones at three places in Warangal itself. They rushed to the Warangal railway station. Attempts were made to throw stones at the station. Stones were placed on the central warehousing godown. In the middle, protesters pelted stones at the BSNL office and destroyed flexi.

Minister Harish Rao alleged that Telangana child Rakesh had died due to the Centre’s attitude. The Army is also being privatized.

Tension in Narsampet ..

Tension is also high in Narsampet. Congress activists tried to infiltrate the MLA camp office. They were stopped by police. On the other hand, thousands of people from Narsampet participated in Rakesh’s funeral. A central government effigy was cremated near the Martyrs’ Stupa. Tensions are also high in Rakesh’s home village of Dabirpet. Police provided heavy security until the funeral was over to prevent any incidents.

Rewanth Reddy arrested by police

Police prevented TPCC chief Revanth Reddy from attending Rakesh’s funeral and visiting his family. He was arrested in Ghatkesar in Rangareddy district. Police and Congress activists clashed near the toll gate. Rewanth Reddy questioned why he was being blocked. During this time, Congress activists chanted slogans against the police. Ghatkesar police finally arrested Rewanth and shifted him to the station.

Ongoing treatment for 14 people ..

Fourteen people injured in the Secunderabad riots are being treated at the Gandhi Hospital. Of the 14, five sustained bullet wounds, while the remaining nine sustained minor injuries, the superintendent said. He said he sustained bullet wounds to his chest, thigh and legs.

Agneepath for a new revolution in the Army .. Rajnath

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has said that myths are being created in the country over the fire. He said the scheme was introduced to bring about a new revolution in the Army. He said the fire was brought by the central government after discussions with ex-servicemen and superiors for the last two to three years. He said the main purpose of the scheme was to bring discipline and patriotism in the youth of the country.

Concerns have been raised across the country over the firebrand brought by the central government for military recruitment in the three forces. Violence erupted in Bihar today as well.

Rajnath review with the three commanders ..

The Union Ministry of Defense has issued an alert in the wake of nationwide concern over the fire. Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh conducted the review with the three Commanders. The Ministry of Defense is making several key decisions on the fireplace scheme. The Department of Defense has announced a 10 percent reservation in jobs for firefighters who retire after serving in the fire department. This was revealed by the Ministry of Defense on Twitter on Saturday.

Corrective actions..Changes in the fireplace

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has approved a 10 per cent reservation in defense jobs for eligible firefighters. The reservation will apply to the Indian Coast Guard, Defense Civilian posts as well as 16 Defense Public Sector units. He said the reservation would be implemented along with the existing ex-servicemen quota. It was announced that appropriate amendments are being made in the recruitment rules for this. The Department of Defense has also revealed that Age Limit is also doing just that.

Supported by Sonia Gandhi ..

Congress president Sonia Gandhi responds to the Agnipath scheme. The party has assured you that it will stand by you in trying to put pressure on the government to withdraw this controversial scheme. But the candidates were asked to hold the protest peacefully. Sonia tweeted that she was “deeply disappointed” that the central government had announced a new type of directionless military recruitment scheme, ignoring the interests of Army personnel. The tweet was posted by senior party leader Jairam Ramesh on his Twitter account.

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