Agnipath Protest: Sensational issues on the destruction of Secunderabad railway station .. Plan in WhatsApp groups from next week ..!

Agnipath Protest: Students protest against Agnipath scheme Tensions were high across the country. Also, the protesters who infiltrated the Secunderabad railway station are creating severe destruction. The siege of the railway station by 2 thousand people created anxiety. Police suspect that about 1000 people had gathered around the Secunderabad railway station last night. However, there are suspicions that the youths have made a premeditated plan to storm the railway station on weekdays in WhatsApp groups. One person was killed and some others were injured when police opened fire on the protesters. Dandu Mahesh was rushed to a hospital where he was treated for a bullet wound to the back. It seems that some of the students who have been in the station since nightfall have landed on this concern.

Railway station siege plan from Sunday

The railway station block seems to be run by the perutho WhatsApp group. Police found that the WhatsApp group was created at 1.50pm on the 15th. It seems that another group has also been formed under the name of Warangal District Only. It was also discovered that another WhatsApp group was created on the 15th at 11.12am.

1000 people join the group in a single day ..

It seems that pre-planned youngsters have created WhatsApp groups and landed on this concern. It seems that all the other students arrived in Hyderabad around 9.30 am this morning talking about buses, taxis and private wagons. By 10 pm on the 16th, about 500 students were reported to have reached the surrounding areas inside the station. Nearly 100 students arrived inside the station at night. It seems that WhatsApp group was created after the announcement of Agneepath scheme. It seems to be updated from time to time through phones and messages.

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