Agnipath Protest: Secunderabad Railway Station‌ Police action against protesters .. Case registered under 14 sections ..

Agnipath Protest: It is known that protesters created havoc at the Secunderabad railway station against the Agnipath scheme brought by the Center as part of Army recruitment. The agitators vandalized railway property on a large scale. According to preliminary estimates, about Rs. Property damage is estimated at up to Rs 7 crore. The situation is now in general as the police have stepped into the field and dispersed the protesters. Train traffic began. The police have begun action against the protesters.

As part of this, the railway police have registered a case against the protesters under Section 14. Cases have been registered under Sections 143, 147, 324, 307, 435,427, 448, 336, 332, 341, Red with 149 and Indian Railways Act 150, 151, 152 for vandalism of railway property. Railway SP Anuradha said the case was registered following a complaint lodged by a railway employee Raja Nurse. The SP said it had not yet identified how many people were involved in the attacks, adding that property damage had not yet been assessed.

Several concerned cars have already been detained and measures will be taken to ensure no disruption to train traffic. Again it was explained that we are taking necessary steps instead of repeating similar situations.

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