Agnipath Protest: Parents of youths near Chanchalguda jail ..!

Agnipath Protest: It is a known fact that there are ongoing concerns against the latest Agnipath brought by the Central Government. Conditions are currently under control at the Secunderabad railway station where the youths created a battlefield. Police arrested the youths involved in the vandalism. The incident caused huge damage to the railway department. At present conditions have returned to normal. Police are investigating Subbarao, who is believed to be the mastermind behind the affair.

Their parents, who were arrested in connection with the riots, are lodged near the Chanchalguda jail. They allege that their children were arrested without any connection.

Thousands of protesters took part in the Secunderabad railway station riots. They were arrested and taken to various stations in the city. After appearing before the magistrate, they were shifted to Chanchalguda Jail. With this, their parents are coming to Chanchalguda jail.

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