Agnipath Protest: New clues in Secunderabad riots .. Youths burning trains in videos .. Execution or life imprisonment if convicted

Agnipath Protest: The SIT team has expedited the investigation into the Secunderabad Railway Station riots case. New evidence of vandalism has been found. Police have seized key evidence of setting fire to trains. Police have identified those who set the trains on fire in the case. Some of the videos revealed how the trains were set on fire. A young man was seen smashing the elevator, train door and AC coach windows at the station. Not only that .. Scenes of these thugs boarding trains and burning were also leaked. Papers were pasted on the seats of a train coach with a cookie match. In these visuals it is clear who was responsible for this incident. Two young men have already been identified. Experts say there is a possibility of death or life imprisonment if the charges against them are proved.

The Railway Police, which is busy investigating the Secunderabad riots case, has obtained key evidence. The case was transferred to the SIT. Several key points were included in the remand report. A total of 56 people looking for Army jobs after achieving medical fitness have been named as defendants. Recognized as having a role in several defense‌ academies. A total of 18 people, including eyewitnesses, were arrested by the police. A-1 Madhusudhan was arrested. The remand report of the attack incident at the Secunderabad railway station revealed several key points.


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