Agnipath Protest: More sensations in Secunderabad riots case .. Subbarao opens his mouth ..

Agnipath Protest: The Secunderabad riots case against the ‘Agneepath’ scheme is causing more controversy. Subbarao, the key accused in the latest case, opened his mouth during the task force police investigation. Police say he and his followers plotted the vandalism. Police confirmed that the students were provoked along with four followers Shiva, Mallareddy, Reddappa and Hari. Subbarao concluded that the followers had called for concerns to be raised in the groups as per the directives. Police found a sketch of the agitation from the Guntur rally. Food was distributed to the protesters along with another follower named Naresh. Meanwhile, police said that Naresh is currently on the run. On June 16, Subbarao reached Secunderabad. The same day he met with followers at the hotel. It was during that meeting that a huge plan for destruction was laid. The police recorded the information provided by Subbarao. Police are making arrangements to arrest him and remand him soon.

Candidates are known to have wreaked havoc at the Secunderabad railway station on June 17 in protest of the Agnipath medal introduced by the central government. Aavala Subbarao, who is believed to be the mastermind behind the vandalism, was arrested by the Guntur police in Narasaraopet and handed over to the Telangana police. It is suspected that Subbarao had set up various WhatsApp groups and called on the candidates to take up the agitation against the Agneepath medal. While investigating in this context .. the real things are coming out.

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