Agnipath Protest: Cancel written test with Agnipath .. Rs. Subbarao who lost Rs 50 crore .. Plan for massive destruction!

Agnipath Protest: SIT officials have expedited the probe into the vandalism created by some agitating cars at the Secunderabad railway station against the Agnipath scheme. Police and IT officials are investigating Subbarao, director of the Sai Defense Academy, who is accused of being the mastermind behind the riots. Sensational rumors came to light during this trial. It is not clear whether Subbarao was involved in the destruction of the railway station.

Police have confirmed that he has created more than 10 WhatsApp groups with a huge plan and provoked the students with a definite plan. With this, the accused, including Subbarao, will be produced in the railway court by the police.

Subbarao runs 9 branches across the country, including AP Telangana. He is taking a fee of Rs 2 lakh in the name of Army Coaching Center. He suggested that candidates looking for Army training should join his academy and pay the installments in installments. He also assured that training at his academy is a guarantee of choice. He attracted many candidates if he paid the registration fee first. After being selected for the Army, he quoted the candidates to pay the remaining amount. He has kept 10th class memos of candidates under guarantee. Most of the candidates have already completed the selection preliminary examination in the Army. If the written exam is cleared, Subbarao will get a huge amount of money in the form of fees from the candidates.

Rs 50 crore loss with Agneepath: However, with the introduction of the Agneepath scheme, the Central Government announced that there was no written test. With this, Subbarao lost almost Rs. 50 crore seems to have been lost. Subbarao planned to provoke the candidates and increase the pressure on the government to conduct a written test.

IT executives probe: Sai Academy Main Branch is located at By Pass Road in Ravipadu Panchayat, Palnadu District. IT officials searched the Sai Defense Academy for 3 days. 10th class memos of several candidates along with hard disks were seized in these deals. Now Subbarao has been arrested by the Telangana police.

Investigation based on CCTV cameras: The SIT team is deeply investigating the Secunderabad incident. Police are examining CCTV footage. Candidates were also found to have taken petrol from two wheelers in the parking lot outside the railway station. Candidates were found carrying petrol in bikes parked in all the three parking slots in the station and went inside the station and set fire to the bogies. Others seem to have brought petrol with them from outside. Police have already identified at which petrol bunks petrol was taken. Police have arrested 89 more suspects from Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Warangal and Adilabad. Police will remand all those who played a key role in the riots in Chanchalguda jail. In this case, the police changed Prithviraj from A12 to A2 who set fire to the bogies and smashed the bogie mirrors.

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