Agnipath: Destroyed Agnipath .. Serious concerns in many states .. Trains on fire, Attacks on BJP offices

Protests are raging across the country against the new recruitment policy Agnipath announced by the Center for recruitment in the army. Concerns continue in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh. Protesters wreak havoc at the Secunderabad railway station in Telangana. Several trains were set on fire, creating an atmosphere of horror. Vigilant police have beefed up security at major railway stations in the state, including Nampally railway station. Several trains were canceled. Candidates are reportedly worried about the cancellation of the written test with Agneepath. Protesters attack BJP office in Lakhisarai district of Bihar. Trains were set on fire at Danapur, Balia Bagalpur, Buxar and Aura railway stations. Bihar Deputy CM Renu Devi’s residence was attacked. Protesters riot at a railway station in Uttar Pradesh’s Balia district. The train bogies were set on fire and vandalized.

Protesters in Delhi display banners of the US Rozgar agitation group. Slogans were chanted throughout the four-year appointment. Demanded that jobs be created on a permanent basis. Concerns have also spread to BJP-ruled Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. Air Force Chief Marshal VR Chowdhury has issued a key statement. It has been revealed that the recruitment process under Agneepath in the Air Force will start from June 24.

The maximum age limit has been raised from 21 to 23 years. He explained that a job in the military is part of national service. It was clarified that 25 per cent of the employees will be hired permanently after four years as per merit.

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