Discussion at national level is necessary to stop the trend of increasing indiscipline in the House: Om Birla

Shimla, Nov 18 (PTI) A few days before the commencement of the winter session of Parliament, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Thursday said that we have to stop the increasing trend of indiscipline, disruption, uproar in the House and develop self-discipline among the public representatives. For this, discussions will have to be held with all the political parties at the national level.

A resolution was passed in the All India Presiding Officers’ Conference under the chairmanship of Birla, in which it has been said that the President’s Address and the Motion of Thanks thereon shall not be interrupted.

Addressing the Presiding Officers Conference in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, the Speaker said that the growing hopes and aspirations of the people can be fulfilled only through the Legislatures and the accountability of the government can be fixed only through the House.

He said, “It is our sacred duty to motivate the public representatives to fulfill the aspirations of the people and it is our responsibility to maintain the dignity and dignity of the House. ,

Birla said, “We have to stop the increasing trend of indiscipline, disruption, uproar in the House. It is necessary that the Houses of the Legislatures run smoothly. For this, we will discuss with the leaders of all political parties.

The Speaker said that there is a need to discuss at the national level to ensure smooth functioning of the legislative bodies in the country.

He said that the rules and procedures of all the legislatures should be the same, the house should run smoothly, without any disturbance… For this we have to establish good traditions and conventions.

Birla said, “There should not be competition in the house for disturbance, noise, showing placards. The competition should be to make people’s lives better by innovating in various fields.

He said that we should prepare an action plan to increase the number of meetings of the legislatures, so that maximum time and opportunities will be available to the members to raise the major issues.

He said that in the changing scenario there is a need for modernization of Legislatures with information technology.

Lok Sabha Speaker said that we will prepare “One Nation – One Platform for Legislative Bodies” in due time and will make available the old discussions and other resources of the Legislature at one place.

Birla said that in the present context the work of Parliamentary Committees is very important and there is a need to bring about drastic changes in the working of Parliamentary Committees also.

He said that the presiding officers should evaluate the work done by the parliamentary committees once in a year and give necessary suggestions to the committee so that the pending matters are completed in a time bound manner.

He said that there is a need that the parliamentary committees should make the government policies and programs effective and ensure the accountability of the executive.


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