Yoga to grow taller

Yoga is an ancient method, the sages of India have been practicing yoga asanas as a tradition for centuries. It has many benefits, it increases your strength. Yogic actions make your body and mind aware. It helps in improving your body posture.

We all know that there are unique benefits of doing yoga. But can you imagine that your height can increase through yoga? Yes! You are absolutely right that the height can be increased by doing yoga. Many types of asanas have been described in the Indian yoga tradition. Each of these asanas has its own benefits, if practiced properly, you can increase your height, there is no doubt about it.

With the practice of correct yoga asanas, tension is read in the muscles of your spine. Due to this, the length of the muscles of your back and legs increases, your posture improves. With the right practice of yoga asanas, the secretion of growth hormone increases in your body and due to this your height starts increasing naturally. Along with this, it reduces the toxic level from your body. It helps in growing your healthy cells and it also proves to be very helpful in relieving stress.

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Surya Namaskar

With the rising and setting sun, the method of Surya Namaskar gives more benefit. In this we salute the sun which gives light to the whole world. There are a total of 12 asanas in the Surya Namaskar method, which work like a cycle. If you want to increase your height then there is no better yoga pose than this. It increases vital hormones and helps in increasing the length of joints and muscles by correcting your posture.


Vrikshasana is also a great yoga asana like Tadasana. In this, your body posture is straight from top to bottom. It helps in increasing your growth hormone. Keeping the head in a salutation posture, standing on one leg, the other leg is placed on the thighs of the first leg.

hand padmasana

Famous of India According to Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, the best way to increase Hasta Padmasana height Is. It straightens your spine and puts tension in it, due to which there is tension in your body muscles as well. Growth hormones increase very quickly with this yoga asana.


Tadasana is also the best way to increase height like Surya Namaskar. In this, the muscles from hands to feet are pulled by standing straight. It is equally effective in increasing the height.

Do Suryanamaskar for just 20 minutes, body will remain fit


Sukhasana is as simple as its name, it does not require any kind of stress. For this, you have to sit straight on the ground and keep your hands in front in yoga posture. Although it is very easy but it has many benefits.

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