Winter Heart Attacks: Do not go out on a morning walk, heart patients come most in the winter.

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What people do not try to take care of their beauty as the winter season approaches, but often the risk to the heart, the highest functioning organ of the body, is ignored. It should be noted that most of the deaths in the world are due to heart disease and winters not only bring chills but also bring the highest risk of heart attack.

Heart attack has become a simple condition nowadays which can not only seriously hurt our heart but can also lead to our death. Heart attacks can occur when our heart muscle obstructs the natural flow of blood.

Heart attack can occur in any season and anytime. However, it has been noted that most cases of heart attack occur during winter. But why is it that during the winter season, heart attack cases increase and what steps can you take to keep the most important part of your body safe and healthy in this cold.

After all, why does winter season become a heart attack season?

It is true that winter season is the season of heart attack as the factors responsible for heart attack become more deadly this season. For example, in this winter season, barometric pressure, humidity, wind and cool temperature are factors that leave a different effect on the body.Risk of heart attack due to this Increases. For example, the activity of the nervous system increases to keep the body warm during the winter months. The blood arteries shrink and the thickness increases in the blood. All these factors leave a negative impact on blood pressure, which becomes a major factor in heart attack.

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This is how you can keep your heart healthy during winter

Warm clothes are safety guards: In winter, we should take special care of clothes that keep the body warm. When our body is cold, the activity of the nervous system increases and which can increase the blood pressure. It can also thicken our blood. Always keep in mind that your attire should be according to the season.

Exclude things that create an uncomfortable situation:

If you are outside and feeling uncomfortable then you come in immediately and try to make yourself feel comfortable. At the same time do not wear clothes that are difficult to separate from the body and which make you uncomfortable.

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Exercise Relaxation:

Do not give up exercise under any circumstances. Especially take heart-rending cardiovascular exercises like cycling, brisk walking, running, jogging. Stick to your routine and keep exercising daily even if it is cold outside.

Alcohol is bad:

Most of the festivals and holidays are formed in the winter time, so alcohol can be easily offered to you in public places. It is believed that if alcohol keeps the body warm, then alcohol consumption can be high as an excuse, which is not good for heart health. Therefore, when there is a high risk of heart attack in winter, excessive consumption of alcohol can be fatal.

Do not leave early in the morning

Those who have had a heart attack once before, they should not leave the bed early. This causes the veins to shrink due to cold and due to coming out in winter, the body To keep myself warm More effort has to be made. During this time, our heart has to do more work.

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Reduce salt intake

Eating salt stops water in the body and this causes swelling in the body. In such a situation, our heart is forced to pump that water into the body. Heart attack can occur if you work too hard on the heart.