Winter Food: Must eat mustard greens in cold weather, will increase body power and make your body strong

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Mustard greens, one of the green vegetables found during winter season, are very beneficial for health. Mustard leaves are not only delicious, but also rich in health. Iron, potassium, various vitamins and minerals are available in plenty in low calorie mustard leaves.

Apart from making greens from mustard leaves, it is made by boiling, stir frying or steaming, and making delicious designs. So, we also know about the health benefits of this green leafy vegetable.

Treasury is a powerful antioxidant

Nutritionist Ridhima Batra, on her Instagram, told the health benefits of mustard leaves that we must include mustard leaf vegetable in our food in winter. Batra writes in her post, ‘Mustard greens are a nutritious food item among the green leafy vegetables found in the winter season. It is a vegetarian dish, made with other seasonal green leafy vegetables such as Bathua, Spinach and Radish leaves.

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Immunity booster works

Vitamin C is available in plenty in mustard leaves, which is very important in increasing immunity. Mustard leaves are rich in fiber and micronutrients and are low-calorie. From these leaves, we get three powerful antioxidants – Vitamin K, A and C in plenty. In addition, it is an excellent source of manganese, folate and vitamin-E. Consumption of these benefits greatly in asthma, cardiovascular diseases and symptoms of menopause.

Also good for heart health

Consumption of mustard greens reduces cholesterol levels in the body and folate production is high. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which helps in relieving the risky factors of heart disease and is good for heart health.

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Beneficial for eyes and skin

Mustard leaves are a good source of vitamin A which is beneficial for the health of your eyes. Vitamin-A is also very beneficial for your skin and immune system.

Helpful in fighting chronic diseases

The antioxidants present in mustard leaves help the body fight free radicals and are helpful in preventing many diseases. Its use helps in preventing cancer of the bladder, stomach, breast, lungs, prostate and ovaries.

Controls metabolism

A sufficient amount of fiber in mustard greens helps in controlling the metabolic activities of the body. Digestion is also done by its consumption.

How to include a diet

Mustard greens prepared from mustard leaves are a common dish. Apart from this native dish, you can cook mustard leaves with lentils or mix it in soup, pasta, salad, smoothie or juice.