Why is Finland the happiest country in the world? What is the reason for India being behind in this ‘Happiness List’?

Finland World Happiest Country: In the World Happiness Report 2023, Finland has been told the happiest country in the world. This is the sixth time in a row that Finland has topped the Happiness Ranking. In this list, Finland is followed by Denmark at number two and Iceland at third. The question is why are Finnish citizens happier than people in other countries? In fact, there are many such special things in Finland, due to which it has got top ranking in the happiness list, such as lower income inequality (low difference between highest paid and lowest paid), high social support, freedom to make decisions and less corruption. All these things make Finland a happy country.  

Not only this, Finland has a good public funded healthcare system. Talking about public transport, it is quite reliable and cheap here. The Helsinki airport here has been ranked the best in the whole of Northern Europe. Finland, Norway and Hungary have the same income inequality in all three countries. But still people in Finland are happier than in these two countries. That’s because, according to the World Inequality Database, the highest-paid tenth in Finland take home just a third of their total income (33 percent). This is in contrast to 36 per cent in the UK and 46 per cent for the same group in the US.

Why is India not happy?

You may not find this difference very much, but it has a great impact on people’s happiness. Because in many unequal countries, some people get very less and some people get very high salary. Besides, freedom means a lot to the people. The country whose people do not have freedom, how can that country be happy and the country whose people are afraid of different things, how can that country also be happy. All these things can explain why Turkey and India are so far behind in the list of happy countries. In this list, India has been placed at 125th position and Turkey at 106th position. While the worst country to live in is Afghanistan, which ranks last.  

The people of Finland are quite complacent

Finland ranks first, second or third on more than 100 global measures of economic and social success, much better than Norway. You can also say that the people of Finland are quite complacent. Inequalities are very high in many countries, whether it is the healthcare sector, the matter of salary, the question of public transport or education. Somewhere these inequalities decide the scale of ‘Happiness’. 

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