When Arthritis occurs, these changes are seen in the body, never ignore it! otherwise the disease will increase

Arthritis Early Symptoms: Arthritis ie arthritis is a very serious health problem. It is related to swelling and severe pain in the joints. The person who has arthritis, the problem of severe pain in his joints emerges. Arthritis can affect any joint of the body. Although the disease of arthritis is seen more in the elderly. However, due to today’s wrong eating, bad lifestyle and obesity, this disease is also being seen in the youth. According to statistics, arthritis has been detected in more than 54 million adults. While 3 lakh children are suffering from Rheumatoid, which is a form of arthritis.

Doctors say that detecting the early symptoms of arthritis can go a long way in its treatment. Let us know what are the initial symptoms of arthritis…

1. Joint stiffness: Joint stiffness can be the most common symptom of arthritis. In case of stiffness and unbearable pain in the joints, do check with the doctor. Doctors say that the problem of stiffness in joints also occurs due to sitting for a long time. However, if stiffness becomes chronic, it should not be taken lightly, as it may be a sign of osteoarthritis.

2. Severe pain in the toe: When you start feeling a lot of pain in the toe, do not take it lightly. Because this is also an early symptom of arthritis. According to health experts, if the toe feels very hot when touched, then it can also be a sign of arthritis. 

3. Sleeplessness: When the disease of arthritis starts to arise in the body, then difficulty in sleeping also starts to be felt. According to health experts, arthritis pain is worse due to lack of sleep, because inflammation increases due to lack of sleep. The Arthritis Foundation says that more than 80 percent of people with the condition have trouble sleeping because of joint pain, stiffness, and swelling.

4. Fatigue: People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis develop inflammation in their joints, which causes weakness, lack of sleep, fatigue. This feeling of extreme tiredness is one of the earliest symptoms of this disease. Doctors say that people suffering from fatigue often say that it is just like having the flu, like- 

1. Feeling of heaviness in the body and hands and feet. having difficulty walking.

2. Extreme tiredness.

3. Feeling low in energy.

4. Onset of fatigue at any time of the day.

5. Psoriasis: Psoriasis is a skin problem, which causes itching, rashes and dry scales. People who have psoriasis also suffer from psoriatic arthritis, which causes swelling, stiffness and severe pain in the joints. Like psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis is also a long-standing problem, which tends to worsen with age. 

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and tips mentioned in this article But before implementing it, do take the advice of a doctor or related expert.

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