What causes Cancer: These 5 things cause cancer in the body, even knowing that people do not leave the other habit

Hearing the name of cancer, the heart becomes very nervous. I don’t know how thoughts start coming in my mind. Since it is an incurable disease, the person gives up very quickly. As the disease progresses, the patient loses his will to live. But have you ever wondered why so many people around us are suffering from cancer these days.

Ever since we started to understand, we had only heard about diseases like Malaria, Jaundice, Heart Attack. Cancer was always considered such a disease, which occurs only to a few people out of so many. But is there really a sudden increase in the cases of cancer today or is it happening because of the availability of better diagnosis.

By the way, data shows that there has been an increase in cancer deaths in India in the last few years. But how cancer cells get activated in our normal body, why suddenly cancer comes out in the body, it is very important to know the reason.

due to cancer

Dr. Wesley M. Jose, Clinical Associate Professor, Amrita Hospital Medical Oncology and Hematology, Kochi Has told the reason behind cancer. He says that cancer is caused by both internal and external factors. Intrinsic factors include genetic mutations, hormones, immune conditions, over activation, and external factors include smoking, alcohol consumption, viral infections. All these factors alone or in combination with each other can cause a normal cell to become severe.

common cancer risk factors

Dr. Satyam Taneja, Director, Surgical Oncology, Max Hospital, Patparganj It is said that doctors know very well what things can increase your risk of cancer, but most cancers are seen in people who do not have any risk factors. Factors responsible for increasing the risk of cancer are-

your age

Cancer can take years to develop. That’s why you must have seen that most of the people suffering from cancer are 65 years of age or more. It is common in elderly people. Cancer is not exclusively a disease of adults. It can be diagnosed at any age.

bad habits

Certain lifestyle habits increase the risk of cancer held responsible for. Consuming one or more drinks a day, excessive exposure to sunlight, increased obesity and unprotected sex can increase the risk of cancer.

family history

Family History A small proportion of cancers are due to an inherited condition. If cancer is common in your family, then the next generation is at risk as well. Keep in mind that having a genetic mutation doesn’t mean you’ll get cancer.

medical condition

Certain chronic diseases such as ulcerative colitis can increase your risk of developing cancer. If you are suffering from these diseases, then you should be alert and contact the doctor immediately if you see any symptoms.


The environment around you can contain harmful chemicals, which are responsible for increasing your risk of cancer. Even if you do not smoke, but you are sitting in a place where people smoke, this also increases the risk of cancer.

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