Weight loss story: This weight of 102 kg reduced the weight of 35 Kg, without any supplement, it made a lean body.

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Changes can never be served on a plate. It is brought about by hard work and sacrifice. Deepak Kumar, 31, brought some similar changes. Deepak lost his confidence due to weight gain, in a short time, not only did he lose 35 kg, but also built a muscular body.

Due to weight gain, not only do you start having physical problems, but you also start feeling mentally disturbed. But a slight change in habits can rejuvenate you. Deepak Kumar, who lives in Hyderabad, did something similar. Decided to regain lost confidence due to excessive weight and to fit himself

After a little exercise and diet changes, weighed 35 kg. If you are also thinking of losing weight, then the diet and exercise of Deepak can be very useful for you.

  • Name: Deepak Kumar
  • Ages : 31
  • Length: 5 feet 8 inches
  • City: Hyderabad
  • Weight: 102 kg
  • Lose weight: 35 kg
  • Time to lose weight: 2 years

Fear became the reason for change

Chanakya used to say that fear is very important. It keeps you from making mistakes and teaches you to be alert always. It was with this fear that Deepak decided to change himself.

Deepak says that he often used to read that due to the increasing weight, people Falling prey to diabetes and other diseases Huh. At the same time, he started feeling bad about his weight and looks. After seeing all this, he made a move towards being fit with fat.

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Diet was something like this

  • Breakfast – 2 full eggs, one cup of skimmed milk coffee, one egg white and brown bread
  • Lunch – 100 grams of cooked rice, 200 grams of chicken breast part and cucumbers, carrots, capsicum or other vegetables.
  • Dinner – 150 grams of lentils or salad
  • Pre Workout Meal – Shake made from oats, half a teaspoon of whey protein with no fruit.
  • Post Workout – Half a teaspoon of Wheat Protein after Workout
  • Cheed Day – Deepak believes that if you do cheating, then you become like cheating.

Exercise for fat to fit

Along with the weight loss, Deepak also achieved a muscular lean body. For this, he used to sweat in the gym for at least 1.5-2 hours. He used to train muscles for one hour to get fit. After this, half used to do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). He says that sometimes he used to take rest for recovery.

Do not forget to eat these things before workouts, otherwise weight loss will never happen

Deepak’s fitness mantra

Deepak says there is no shortcut to losing weight. For this many people Fat burner Like, take the support of supplements. But this is not a magic happening in a day. Rather, keeping yourself fit is a journey, which takes time. Deepak says that if you start enjoying this journey, then you can reach your goals easily.

Cause of motivation

Deepak says that he did not like to click his photo before. But now he does this so that he can see his progress. He believes that the results are what inspire you the most.

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To maintain his focus, Deepak often sees photos of his role models. He does this when he feels demotivated. He recommends everyone to do so. They believe that this method of motivating oneself in demotivation is the most accurate. Deepak says that it is important to make small and easy goals on fitness journals. The most difficult time for our hero was when his weight increased. He was often afraid of being judged by others. Apart from this, he could not even wear the clothes of his choice.

Most important change

Deepak says that he made the most important change in his lifestyle in food and drink. He says I started eating things that benefit my workouts, not things that only make me happy.

There was a time when Deepak was very disappointed in the journey to lose weight. The reason for this was not getting the results right. But in this case, he used to motive himself as well. Deepak says that he wants to maintain this fitness for his life.

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Learn from Deepak’s life

We should learn from Deepak’s life that junk food may be better for your tongue. But it is extremely bad for your body. In time, choose food for your body’s needs and not for your tongue. Only then you will be able to live a healthy life.

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