Weight Loss Secrets: By eating moong dal at dinner, this boy easily lost 22 Kg weight, had a heart attack due to obesity

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Accidents completely change the way a person thinks and lives. One such incident happened in the life of 35-year-old Mrunya Burman, when she suffered a heart attack. The reason for the seizures was high cholesterol and a diet full of excessive calories. After finding herself in such a situation at such a young age, Mrunmay decided to change her bad lifestyle and lose weight within a year of record breaking weight.

He has shared his success with weight loss and its secrets. Let’s know the secret to losing their weight (Weight Loss Secrets). Do you know that some of the methods adopted by them will also work for you?

  • Name – Mrunmay Burman
  • Job
  • Age -35 years
  • Length – 5 feet 5 inches
  • City – Gurugram
  • Weight at the time of surgery – 85 kg
  • Weight loss – 22 kg in 7 months

Reasons to lose such weight

This is the month of March in the last year i.e. 2020. Mrunmay was in deep shock due to a heart attack. During the surgery, when the doctor came to know the age of Mrunmay, he was also surprised. Mrune says that even though he was overweight, he often played badminton. When the surgery took two stunts, he realized that nothing had happened suddenly. The heart attack is due to his over eating and poor lifestyle. After this Mrunmay decided to change his life

Follow moong dal diet program for 10 days, 5 kg will be less easily

Secret is a weight loss diet

  1. Breakfast – 8:30 AM That oats for breakfast, Almonds, upma, poha, two idlis and fat free curd.
  2. Lunch – 1:30 pm. 2-3 roti, moong dal and rice, besides low carbs vegetable and 100 grams of chicken or fish
  3. Dinner – 9 o’clock. Moong lentils and skimmed milk (the part left after rubbing and fat from milk is called skimmed milk)
  4. One hour before exercise – 2 digestive biscuits and Tea without sugar.
  5. After exercise – A cup of green tea
  6. On cheat day Chicken momos, puris or parathas made at home.

Apart from all this, the reason behind losing his weight is that Mrunmay also considers his wife. He explains that his wife makes oats extremely tasty and healthy.

Just walk and see the difference

You do not have to go to the gym to exercise. You can also follow the math routine routine. He started by walking. In the initial time, he set a target of 6000 steps in an hour. After this, he increased it to reach 10,000 steps in 1:50 hours. Apart from this, 10 minutes light exercise was also done.

Principle of living more if you eat less

Weight loss principle It is straightforward, how many calories you burn, you can burn. Mrunmay too followed the same principle and said that he is from Bengal and there is a saying. The saying goes that if you eat less now then you will continue to eat longer. But if you eat more now then you may have stayed for dinner after some time. He always remembers this. He takes special care of how many calories he is consuming and what he is eating.

Due to obesity, relatives used to have ugly comments, this woman lost 30 Kg weight on feeling bad.

Results inspire

Mrunmay says that it has become fun to lose weight and avoid it. He checks his weight every 10 days and is the only source of his motivation to keep it down. How mentally prepared you are in losing weight also depends to a large extent. But he says that you start with only 60 minutes and keep repeating things.

Set goals for yourself

For Mrunmay, the most difficult thing for him was to end his laziness. He explains that laziness affects your life badly. But he had set his goals. Now Mrunmay weighs 63 kg and wants to bring it down to 60. Apart from this, he always wants to maintain this weight. By the age of 40, he wants to make his body hard. For this, he definitely takes 60 minutes of exercise and 8 hours of sleep.

Change comes only when there is excess

Our heroes believe that on March 15, 2020, I thought I was going to end. Then I realized that whatever I used to do as fun was actually killing me from inside. But every person learns something by mistake of his or others. In such a situation it means that you stand up again and win by fighting. This made our hero strong too.

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