Wash your feet and go to sleep, get only benefits… Learn how this method benefits the body

Wash your feet and go to sleep, get only benefits… Learn how this method benefits the body
Foot Washing Benefits : Often you must have seen some people washing their feet before sleeping at night. Do you know that it is very beneficial to go to bed after washing your feet after a day’s tiredness. Sleeping without washing your feet keeps you restless and does not sleep properly. That’s why whenever you go to sleep at night, wash your feet and go to bed. If you do not do this, then many types of diseases and infections also go to bed with you. Let’s know why it is necessary to wash feet before sleeping…

Why should one go to sleep after washing feet

Skin becomes soft

The skin of the feet of many people remains dry and cracked. Due to sweating while working outside, bacteria are produced in the feet. Because of this, there can be bad smell and infection. To avoid this, go to sleep after washing your feet thoroughly with soap. This removes dead skin cells and makes the skin soft.

Body temperature normal

If you are unable to take a bath after coming from outside, then you can maintain the body temperature only by washing your feet. This brings peace of mind. Washing feet is relaxing and improves mood.

Relieve the Pain

Washing the feet also gives relief from severe pain in the feet after the whole day’s work. Put Epsom salt in half a bucket of water and sit with your feet in it for a while. It gives a lot of comfort with the body.

The solution to every foot problem

Sleeping after washing the feet also ends the pain, cramps, stiffness of the feet. By putting the feet in half a bucket of lukewarm water and sitting, the muscles of the feet get relaxed. This removes many problems related to the feet.

Gets rid of foot odor

Wearing shoes for a long time in summer causes smell from the feet. This also causes the problem of itching in the feet. To avoid this, wash your feet thoroughly and wipe them with clean clothes and only then go to bed.
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