What should be the average weight and height of an Indian, know what the scientists of NIN say

Ideal Weight or Height for Every Indian: Increased mental stress, irregular lifestyle, increased consumption of fast food, lack of manual labor and increasing pollution in the run-of-the-mill life are increasingly affecting people’s health. In such a situation, people are resorting to gym sometimes or yoga to keep themselves away from obesity and diseases caused by it, so that its weight can be maintained according to its height. But do you know that in order to remain healthy, till now you knew that the ratio of your height and weight has changed now.

Yes, the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), a research institute under the Indian Council of Medical Research, the country’s highest medical research agency, has increased the standard weight by 5 kg by changing the idol weight and height of Indian men and women. .

The weight standard for Indian men in the year 2010 was 60 kg, which has been increased to 65 kg. Whereas, the standard weight of women in 2010 was 50 kg, which has increased to 55 kg. Not only this, along with weight, changes have also been made in the height standards of Indian men and women.

According to the NIN in the year 2010, the average length of Indian men was 5.6 feet and the length of women was 5 feet. The average length of men has now been increased to 5.8 feet and that of women to 5.3 feet. Now normal body mass index (BMI) will be tested on these parameters only. Scientists say that the diet of Indians has increased nutrients. This is the reason why these changes have also been made in his body mass index.

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