Monsoon Health Tips: These measures will keep the house away from dampness and fungus during monsoon, health will remain fit

Monsoon Health Tips:After the hot summer, the rainy season brings relief to both body and mind. But the fun of the monsoon gets gritty when, at this time, dampness, fungus and various types of infections in the houses become a problem for the people. At the moment, people are similarly scared of the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, keeping yourself healthy and keeping your home free from infection is very important. So let’s know how to keep your house away from damp and fungus during the rainy season.

Why there is dampness in homes
The number of germs and microorganisms starts increasing rapidly during the rainy season. The main reason for this is lack of thermal insulation, lack of cleanliness, lack of proper sunlight and dampness in the house. Due to which the problem of fungus is also seen.

Health damage
Fungal species such as Alternaria, Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Clodospolium flourish due to house damping. Which increases the risk of asthma, allergy, dermatitis and rhinitis infection.

Keep the house away from damp and fungus like this-
-Silon problem is more frequent in monsoon. In such a bathroom, toilet, closed room, where fungus, damp, and insect can easily grow, insecticide and mosquito can get rid of flies by spraying pesticides and fumigation.
-Kitchen and bathroom where water is used and sunlight cannot reach, try to keep such place dry.
One day in the kitchen, clean the kitchen with a good insecticide.
– Do not sleep in a damp, damp room.
Naturally allow the sun to enter the house. Keep the windows of the house open for some time.

– Fill waterproof lime in the cracks to fix the walls that have already been damaged by sealing. Doing this will not bring the place to damp again.

-You can get rid of home dampness by using longang. For this, put cloves and cinnamon in water for about half an hour and leave. After half an hour, boil this water and use it as a room presenter.

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