This problem is caused by a sharp torsion in the stomach, have you also felt pain like tides?

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Most people are aware of the problem of abdominal cramps. Because the pain that tides in the lower abdomen during loose motion worsens the condition of well-fortified people. In addition to loose motion, IBS is also a problem that causes abdominal cramps.

Abdominal Torsion

Irritable ball syndrome ie IBS is a problem in which the patient keeps on realizing that he is having pressure. However, it is only a feeling when the person is not really experiencing pressure. Know here why this problem that makes you restless and uncomfortable, ends up

This problem is related to the large intestine

-IBS problems are mainly due to disturbances or infections in the large intestine. It is a common disorder that can cause problems like abdominal cramps, constant pain, flatulence, gas formation, and diarrhea.

– Let me tell you that the problem of IBS neither starts in a day nor can it be fixed in a single day. Rather, to fix it, you have to fix your habits and food habits. Otherwise, every morning, morning will start with abdominal cramps.

Break out of it

-You must exclude this practice from your mind that IBS can cause colorectal cancer. This is possible only when some other serious disease and cancer factor is developing inside the body along with this disease.

– Because IBS by itself does not make any changes in your ball tissues. Therefore, it may be the reason for making cancer more serious but may not be the only reason for causing cancer.

Why do stomach cramps arise?

-The question that must be coming in your mind is, why is there a problem of stomach cramps? What changes in the lower abdomen during IBS that makes you feel pain like pricking needles and storms.

Muscle contraction in the intestine

– The end consists of several different layers of muscles. These layers of muscles meet or touch each other when the food you eat moves your intestine towards the digestive tract.

– When there is any kind of infection in the intestine or when there is a contraction in the layers of the intestine when there is a wound, it causes pain. That is, your stomach twists. In addition, when you apply pressure to the potty or your muscles work to pull out the stool, the contraction during this period also causes severe pain.

Nervous system disturbances

– When there is a disturbance in the nervous system of the body due to eating, lifestyle, consumption of wrong medicines or any other reason, the exchange of signals between your brain and digestive system is not done properly. Due to this, very strong pain occurs in the lower abdomen while making or potting the stomach.

Intestinal inflammation and gut bacteria

– Many people with IBS develop many immune system cells in their intestines. These cells cause inflammation of the intestine and experience intense pain.

Along with this, a change in the condition of gut bacteria, which you know as good and healthy bacteria, can also be the cause of abdominal pain and torsion.

IBS is not responsible for colorectal cancer and changes in intestinal tissue

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