This magical method gives instant relief from headache, no oil is needed nor pen killer

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If asked about the most common pens, most people would say headac. Because the headache is caused by not one, but a thousand reasons. Whether a bad mood or a stomach headache appears as a symptom of all problems. Learn here how to get relief from this pain immediately, even when you have no painkillers nor any balm or oil…

What to do?
-In order to cure headache without medication, you have to put pressure on certain points of your jaw line and eyebrows. Pressure at these points will act as acupressure for you and you will get relief in headache immediately.

How to put pressure on the jo-line?
With the help of acupressure points of the jaw line, you should first open your mouth as much as possible to relieve the headache. After this, apply pressure with the help of thumb by massaging both sides of the lower jaw.


Massage eyebrows

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-Only 1 to 2 minutes you will get relief from headache. As soon as you start massaging in this way, you will start feeling relieved. Massage the lower jaw from front to back and then from back to front continuously.

-If the pain is very severe, then massage it from the front of your fingers to the lower part of the neck as well. That is, you have to go from the lower part of the jaw to the lower neck, starting the massage. This process will give you relief from fast pain.

Eyebrows massage
– On the head there is a feeling of heaviness or burning in the eyes. In this situation, by massaging eyebrows, you can get relief from headaches and can also relieve eye fatigue.


Massage on the bone under the eyes

– With the help of the thumb of your hand, start pressing the eyebrows of both eyes. For this, first of all, place the thumb of your hands between the upper part of your nose and eyebrows and apply light pressure. Now cover the entire eyebrows in this way and massage with light hands on the bone under the eye. You will get instant relief in headache.

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How does this technology work?
– When there is pain in any part of the body, the pressure exerted at certain points works to reduce the pain and then eliminate it slowly. According to Naturopathy, the treatment of almost every disease of our body is hidden in our own body. Just need to know and recognize it.

-In case of head ache, giving acupressure points in the lower jaw, eyebrows and lower part of the neck helps to increase blood flow and oxygen supply to the head. This reduces head tension and relieves pain.

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