These seedless apricots and apricots will not let you become a patient of TB

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These prevents apricots without the seeds of tuberculosis, which are also very tasty to eat. Then it is better to eat bitter and expensive medicines, that you should consume them regularly while you are healthy. You must also have heard that ‘Prevention is better than cure’, that after getting sick, it is better to treat the disease than to keep yourself healthy enough that the disease does not even get close.

Millions of people in our country are vulnerable to TB disease every year. The reason for this is that TB is a contagious disease and even today in our country there is not much awareness among people about hygiene and hygiene. If people with TB disease spit in public places, this infection can be caught even in healthy patients by wearing shoes or slippers.

Seedless apricots are beneficial
-You can avoid TB disease by consuming seedless apricots and apricots. You should consume them regularly in the changing season. Because infectious diseases spread more during the changing weather.

Seedless Apricot, Handpicked (Turkish Apricot)

Apricot and apricot have these characteristics
Dry dried apricot is called apricot. These are of two types, one which contains seed and the other which does not contain seed. Apricot containing seeds is mainly used in our country, but seedless apricots are equally healthy.

– Apricot and seedless apricots are treasures of vitamins and mirals. They contain abundant amounts of vitamin-A, vitamin-C and vitamin-E. Therefore, you can consume them regularly to increase eyesight and skin beauty.

Increase immunity
-You know that Vitamin C plays a major role in increasing the immunity of the body. Apricots and seedless apricots are good sources of vitamin-C. Also, they are not very sour.

Therefore, people who do not like to eat citrus fruits or those who have problems in teeth and throat due to eating sour things, can also use these two dry fruits regularly.

Dry Apricot / khumani / jardalu / aalu badam / Prunus / khurbani

Strengthen bones
Let us tell you that potassium, manganese, niacin and vitamin-B12 and omega-3 fatty acids are also found in apricots and apricots. All these nutrients are very important to keep your bones healthy.

– Therefore, people who are complaining of pain in bones and muscles, they must take both these dry fruits. Keep in mind that these fruits have a mild acidity due to the presence of citric acid. Therefore, they should be avoided with milk.

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