These healthy nutrients can spoil the health of the kidneys, taking them in excess can be dangerous.

These healthy nutrients can spoil the health of the kidneys, taking them in excess can be dangerous.
Kidney Health Tips : Kidney is considered the most important part of our body. It works to clean the blood and remove dirty waste materials from the body. But if the kidneys do not work properly, then the waste materials cannot get out of the body and many diseases can surround you. In such a situation, it is most important to keep the kidney healthy. To keep the kidney healthy, it needs to be given adequate nutrition. There are some nutrients with the help of which you can keep the health of the kidney healthy, but there are some nutrients which are not right for the kidney and can harm it. Distance should be kept from these nutrients. Let’s know..
These healthy nutrients can spoil kidney health
Sodium is very important for our body. Sodium is helpful in balancing the level of water and minerals in the body. Sodium is found in small amounts in the body, but if its quantity is high, it can cause kidney damage.  When the amount of sodium in the body is high, it cannot come out and starts damaging the kidney.
There are many such processed foods, in which phosphorus is found in high quantity. If you want to keep the kidney healthy, then the amount of phosphorus in your diet should be kept in limit. It has also been found in many studies that those things which have high amount of phosphorus are bad for the kidney. Consuming high phosphorus content is harmful for kidney and bones.
If you consume protein in excess, then high level of acid starts forming in the blood. This can be very dangerous for the kidney. This condition is called intramural hypertension or proteinuria. Protein is very important for our growth and repair of organs. Therefore, only a limited amount of protein should be taken to take care of kidney health.
The amount of potassium is also considered very important for the body. It helps in maintaining the fluid balance in the cells. But if the amount of potassium in the body becomes high, then kidney problems can come. To filter the potassium, there is excessive pressure on the kidney. If there is a problem related to kidney, then this problem can become even more painful. Therefore, a limited amount of potassium should be consumed.
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