These days, Virat Kohli is taking care of Anushka Sharma’s health

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When it comes to yogasanas to keep the body healthy, it is also discussed about the asanas, which are the most difficult yogasanas. Among them, the headstand is named at the top. Yoga freak celebrities and cricketers perform extremely difficult asanas like headrest and chakrasana on normal days, so it is no surprise. But Yoga’s Divani Anushka Sharma is doing headship even during the days of pregnancy. However, she is doing this under the supervision of her doctor and yoga teacher and during this time, husband Virat Kohli is helping her in making balance.

Do your mind with safety

-The question may come in your mind that there are many easy yogasanas including subtle yoga, through which Anushka can keep herself fit in pregnancy. Then what did he need to do difficult posture like headstand?

So the first answer to this question arising in your mind is that every person has his own ability and choice. You must do the work that you feel happy and healthy by doing.

Along with this, Anushka’s Insta post makes it clear that Anushka Sharma, a fitness freak and yoga diva, loves to head.

Benefits of heading

– Let me tell you that many types of diseases related to the stomach are kept away by doing headstand.

It works to relieve mental stress.

– By doing this, the blood flow in the body increases very fast, so after doing this one experiences a lot of energy.

-Community pain is helpful in relieving shoulder pain.

– Removes tightness, heaviness and respiratory diseases.

Anushka will get such benefits

-You will know that during pregnancy, hormonal changes occur very rapidly in the body of women. This makes their mood swing again and again. Sometimes sadness and sometimes discomfort bothers them. Rapid fluctuations and mood swings in the hormones can be controlled through headrest.

A solution to many problems

-It is common for any woman to have backache, nausea, mood swings and physical fatigue during pregnancy. The headstand is helpful in avoiding these problems. But keep in mind that it is not necessary for every woman to do this asana in pregnancy. Do not do this without consulting your doctor. Anushka has also consulted a doctor before.

This is a ‘super posture’

-Different physical problems are treated and avoided through different yoga asanas. But some special yogasanas help in keeping the body completely disease free. These yogasanas are called ‘super asanas’. The headstand is also a super posture.

Twice in life is very important for women

Pregnancy and menopause are the two conditions in a woman’s life when her hair falls rapidly. Women can reduce the number of their falling hair at both these stages of life through headings.

These yogasans have a profound effect

In addition to the head, Surya Namaskarasana, Chakrasana and Halasana also fall under the category of super posture. Because these Yogasanas affect many parts of the body simultaneously and keep you completely healthy.

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