Sleeping in sweater: Sleeping in winter can be dangerous, wearing these sweaters will become the victim of these diseases

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In winter, we try to protect ourselves from the cold by wearing warm woolen clothes. Because wool is a heat conductor and is insulated between its fibers. Therefore, the heat generated by our body gets locked and does not come out.

It has often been seen that people wear woolen clothes in their homes and sleep at night. But this small carelessness can put a big burden on our health. Let us know why we should not sleep wearing woolen clothes.

There may be restlessness, nervousness, complaints of low blood pressure

According to experts, the blood vessels in the winter shrink. Sleeping inside a quilt, wearing woolen clothes, makes our body warm, but sometimes it may cause restlessness, nervousness, low blood pressure. Which can prove to be harmful for your health. If wearing warm clothes, then thermocots can be worn.

Allergy And Itching Problem

Sleeping in woolen clothes can cause allergic and itching problems. If your skin is soft and soft, it is less likely to stretch with the fleece of woolen clothes. But if your skin is dry, then the hair also swells, due to which the stretch becomes more common. Due to this, there is a problem of rash, rashes, rashes etc. on the skin, so wearing a sweater in winter is forbidden to sleep. Before wearing a sweater, apply good quality body lotion on your entire body. This will keep the skin moist and reduce the chances of allergies.

Risk of diabetes and heart patients

Woolen fabric fibers are generally thicker than cotton clothing fibers. In between them are made small undetectable air pockets which act as an insulator. In winter we sleep inside a quilt or blanket to get warm. And if we also wear woolen clothes, then the fibers of woolen clothes lock the heat of our body. In such a situation, the heat of the sweater and the heat of the quilt can become a threat to diabetes patients and especially to heart patients in the winter season. So they are forbidden to sleep wearing sweaters.

Sleeping wearing woolen socks is harmful

Experts also believe that wool has good thermal insulation, but it does not absorb sweat well. It causes bacteria to grow and flourish. Can also cause blisters. Since our feet prefer a dry and warm environment, socks made of cotton not only remain comfortable for our feet and also soak up sweat. Therefore, it is advisable to wear cotton socks at night instead of wearing woolen socks.

If necessary,

If it is very important during winter and you do not have any other option, then in such a situation it is always suggested that first wear cotton or silk clothes and sleep at night only by wearing woolen clothes from above. But do this only when it is very important.