Side Effects of sleeping with the tv on: Are you sleeping with the TV on..? There is a risk of cancer, be careful..!

Side Effects of sleeping with the tv on: Everyone has a habit of sleeping in different environments. Some people can’t sleep with the light on. Others do not sleep with the light on. Some people can’t sleep even in winter without a fan. Some people sleep under a blanket even in summer. Some have a habit of sleeping in calm weather. For some people, they can sleep only if the TV is on while listening to music.
According to a national survey, 61 percent of Americans can sleep at night with the TV on. A study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, Journal of Clinical Medicine has shown that one in every 9 people use some kind of electronic device before going to sleep at night. Many people in our country have the habit of turning on the TV before going to sleep and sleeping while looking at the phone. But, experts say that there is danger if these electronic devices damage our health.

The threat of obesity

According to a 2019 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, sleeping with the TV on in the bedroom increases the risk of weight gain, overweight, and obesity. In this study, researchers analyzed data from 43,000 women. Blue light emitted from TV is harmful to health.

Damage to eyes

According to Webmd, Blu-ray emitted from a TV can damage the retina. In an experiment on mice, it was found that blue light entered the receptor through the retina of the eye, and after a few days the area turned black.

Danger to the brain..

Mobile phones emit harmful radiation. These damage our brain. This can lead to headache, muscle pain and other health problems.

Cancer risk increases.

Blue light exposure increases the risk of certain cancers. A study has revealed that those who use TV/laptop at night and those who sleep with them switched on have a higher risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer.

Get depressed

People who use more electronic devices at night are at higher risk of depression than the rest of the population. Blu-ray from the TV keeps the brain in alert mode even after sleeping. Due to this, the brain is not getting enough rest and gets stressed due to extreme fatigue.

The skin is damaged.

Studies show that exposure to high-energy blue light can damage DNA. In addition, there is a risk of damage to cells, tissues, and skin.

Note: We have provided these details according to health experts and studies. This article is for your information only. For any minor health related problem the best way is to consult the doctors. Can observe.

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