Sattvic food is now becoming famous in India…it gives amazing benefits to health

Sattvic food is now becoming famous in India…it gives amazing benefits to health

Sattvic Diet: When it comes to worship, people eat sattvic food during this time. This food has been considered the purest natural and clean food. Green vegetables, fruits, honey, jaggery, whole grains & nbsp; are included in abundance in sattvic food. These are vegetarian and less spicy foods. It doesn’t even contain garlic-onion.

People cook only sattvic food to offer worship to God. Since then I am following Satvik food. This is because it has many benefits for health. The biggest thing is that it is very easy to digest. Benefits of

Boost Immunity-Eating Satvik food boosts immunity. Because the maximum amount of raw vegetables and salads are included in this food, which contain many minerals and vitamins. It also contains protein and antioxidant content which helps in making immunity strong. It gives a lot of energy to our body. According to the dietician, by eating continuously for just 10 days, your body feels more energy than before.

The mind and the mind become calm- Eating this food keeps the body and mind healthy. Because very less oil and spices are used in it, due to which it balances the stomach, brain and mind. Also easy. Because fruits, raw vegetables, salads are used a lot in this. Calories are found very less in these. Oil spices are also very less. Because of this, it also helps in reducing weight.

Repair digestion- People whose digestive system is running poorly. They should eat sattvik diet, fresh food is used in this, whatever is in the diet, there is a good amount of fiber in it. Because of this it helps in digestion of food. People having problems of stomach pain, gas, constipation must eat satvik diet. All these things are rich in many nutrients including vitamins and minerals which help in making the skin glowing. By consuming it, the body is detoxified properly.

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases- Eating sattvic food reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Because often we eat stale, fried food which is the main cause of chronic diseases. But in Sattvic diet, instead of oily spices, there is food rich in fiber, antioxidants and nutrients, which help protect us from chronic diseases.

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