Satish Kaushik Death: If you cross the age of 60, then keep a close eye on these symptoms of ‘heart attack’, know how to protect yourself?

Satish Kaushik Death: If you cross the age of 60, then keep a close eye on these symptoms of ‘heart attack’, know how to protect yourself?

Satish Kaushik Death: After the celebration of Holi, a sad news has shocked everyone. Who would have thought that Bollywood’s famous actor Satish Kaushik, who had spread happiness in Holi celebrations a day earlier, would pass away a few hours later. Satish Kaushik, who left an impression of his acting on many people, has died due to a heart attack. His age was only 66 years. After the death of the actor, people are in a state of shock as to how the veteran actor, who looked perfectly fine a day before, died suddenly.

How does heart attack happen? 

Heart attack is also called myocardial infarction. A person gets a heart attack when the blood supply to the heart muscle is not done properly or stops. According to the Indian Express report, immediate treatment is needed to restart the blood flow. However, when immediate treatment is not available, the heart muscles keep on getting damaged and if the condition worsens, death also occurs. The process of heart attack is so fast that it is often impossible to reach immediate treatment. This is the reason why heart attack patients have a higher risk of death.

If your age is more than 60 years, then before the danger of heart attack, you should identify these signs immediately:-

Recognize these heart attack symptoms

1. In most cases of heart attack, discomfort or mild pain is felt in the middle or left side of the chest, which can last for more than a few minutes. Chest discomfort may feel like uncomfortable pressure, cramping or pain. Mild discomfort or burning sensation in the chest is usually ignored as gas. In addition, pain in the shoulders or arms is also ruled out. Any type of heaviness or pain in the chest should never be ignored.

2. Feeling weak or faint and dizzy. breaking out in a cold sweat.

3. Pain and discomfort in the jaw, neck, back or upper abdomen.

4. Pain or discomfort in one or both arms or shoulders.

5. Feeling difficulty in breathing. This is often accompanied by chest pain. However, shortness of breath may also occur before chest discomfort.

6. Excessive sweating.

How people above 60 years of age avoid heart attack?

1. Quit smoking or vaping. Avoid taking secondhand smoke as well.

2. Always maintain blood pressure below 120/80 mm Hg.

3. Get your cholesterol levels checked. 

4. Avoid food items with saturated fat, trans fat, sodium (present in salt) and added sugar.

5. Be physically active. Set a target of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity a week. 

6. Keep the weight under control. A normal body mass index is between 18.5–24.9.

7. Fasting blood sugar should be less than 100 mg/dL. 

8. Get good sleep. Take 7 to 9 hours of sleep in a day. 

9. Get regular medical checkups done.

10. Take your medicines on time. 

11. Do not be careless about health.

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