Reheating Tea: Be alert if you drink leftover tea after heating it, it can be harmful

Reheating Tea: Be alert if you drink leftover tea after heating it, it can be harmful
Reheating Tea Sideeffects: The most favorite drink of us Indians is tea. Yes. Our morning starts with tea and we want tea in the evening as well. Most of us feel sad without tea. In such a situation, just getting tea somehow is enough. But somewhere in the hobby of tea, you  Are you not drinking the tea kept earlier? Many times it happens that the tea is kept after making and gets cold, then it is reheated and drunk. If you are doing this then be careful. This can harm your health a lot. Let us know what problems you can face if you reheat tea and drink it.

Disadvantages of heating leftover tea 

  • If you drink tea after heating it again, then there is an attack of bacteria in it.  Actually, when tea is made, it is fine, but as it cools, bacteria keep entering it, in such a situation, when it is heated again after some time, these bacteria become active and dissolve in the tea. And can attack our stomach through tea.
  • On reheating cold tea, all the good enzymes of tea are destroyed and the bad enzymes of tea attack the stomach. In such a situation, the problem of acidity, burning sensation in the stomach, indigestion, vomiting or diarrhea can arise. 
  • Tannin is the compound in tea that makes cha tea taste.  When reheated, this tannin gets destroyed from the tea and the taste of the tea changes, that is, it becomes bitter. Such tea not only upsets the stomach but also does not benefit the rest of the body. 

How long not to drink old tea

Experts say that after keeping the tea for 15 minutes, then the tea should not be drunk. Within this time, microbes are produced in the tea which harm the stomach.
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