Reduce Corona Risk: There is nothing guaranteed to be saved but it reduces the risk of corona immensely.

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-Covid-19 You can call the update version of the corona virus. Because it is more deadly than other corona viruses in many forms. You can visit the World Health Organization (WHO) site to know in detail about the virus and its nature and similarities with other viruses. For the moment, here you know about a good work, which reduces the risk of corona, apart from the mask, social distancing and sanitizer …

Something different from every time

-How is the virus spread, what are its symptoms and what are the ways to prevent it? You often read about this. In this article, something different is being told, which will also work for those who have got corona infection and will also work for those who are trying their best to avoid it.

This myth was in the headlines

Some time ago there was a lot of discussion that you should keep drinking water every 15 minutes or every few minutes. This will prevent corona virus infection from dominating you. Actually, so far this is just a myth. Because no research has revealed that drinking water like this again aids the risk of corona virus.

Yes, there is a fact hidden in this fact that by drinking water repeatedly, the effect of corona virus is not able to have a very serious effect on your body. Because repeated drinking water keeps your body hydrated and your internal organs constantly fight this virus with full force. Tummy stays flat and gets energy throughout the day, eat sweet porridge for breakfast

The effect of drinking water on the body repeatedly

– When you keep drinking water again and again at a certain time interval, the oxygen level in your body cells remains good. This oxygen present in the cells along with blood and in the form of death, gives your body the ability to fight the virus.

– According to the American body Central for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), water plays an important role in controlling a person’s body temperature. Then even if the person is suffering from fever. Drinking sufficient amount of water helps your body a lot even if this fever is due to Kovid-19. 5 very easy and homely ways to soothe chest irritation

It says Harvard report

According to a report released by Harvard University on the effect of drinking water on the body, drinking sufficient amount of water and consuming some amount of water in a short period of time reduces the risk of diseases on the body. it happens.

Nutrients inside the body through food reach every part of the body through water. This gives nutrition to the whole body and every part of the body is able to do its work properly. So that you do not dominate any kind of virus infection.

Drugs and excessive mucus formation

Most medicines taken during virus infection are hot in nature. For this reason, the effects of these drugs can cause dryness in the body. In addition, when a person is ill, naturally, water starts coming out of his body in the form of mucus. Because our body uses mucus to get the virus out of the body. Home remedies to get rid of sour belching, will remove throat irritation problem?

Natural medicine is also used for water

In this situation, if there is not enough water to consume, then there can be a problem of dryness in the body. This will make the person’s condition more serious. Therefore, when we consume sufficient amount of water in the event of cold and flu, it keeps our body hydrated and also produces sufficient amount of mucus without dryness. So that the virus gets out of the body. Which is the better source of protein, egg or cheese? Learn

Until the vaccine arrives

Until the Kovid-19 vaccine arrives, those who have been infected with the corona, as well as those who want to avoid infection with the virus, should be consumed every day. For this it is important that you increase the amount of liquids in your food.

Eat Dal, oatmeal, green vegetables, juicy fruits, coconut water, buttermilk, curd and water chestnut. This will not cause lack of water in your body. However, drinking adequate amounts of water is not a guarantee of corona infection. But by consuming enough water, you will definitely reduce the risk of this virus. Home remedies to get rid of sour belching, will remove throat irritation problem?

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