Red lady finger: If you eat this okra.. it is good for heart health..!

Okra curry is in the favorite list of many people. With this, we make many types of fry, soup, sambar, curry, pakodi, pachadi and enjoy. We taste green okra many times, have you ever tasted red okra? It is also known as saffron okra. Indian scientists developed this variety of okra after 23 years of hard work. It is also known as Kashi Bandakaya as the root from which it was developed in Kashi.

Developed by the Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, this okra contains less gum and more nutrients compared to normal okra. Green okra is a powerhouse of nutrients. Common okra contains a small amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins like vitamin-A, vitamin-B1, B2, B3, B9, vitamin-C, vitamin-E, vitamin-K, minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. . Experts say that consuming red okra is good for the heart. It is said that if we include it in our diet, many health problems will go away.
Nutrients in Kashi Banda..

red bindi

Red okra is rich in nutrients. Kashi benda contains calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fat, fiber and magnesium. Apart from this, it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin B6. This variety is very low in calories and carbohydrates.
Good for heart

heart health

Experts suggest including red okra in your diet to maintain your heart health. It is low in sodium. It improves heart health.
Cholesterol melts..


According to a media report, red okra contains about 94 percent polyunsaturated fat. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels in the blood.
Increases immunity.

Saffron okra contains 21 percent iron and 5 percent protein. These help to boost immunity.
Improves metabolism.


Metabolism is necessary to provide energy for vital functions such as respiration and digestion. Metabolism will be better.. we will be healthy. The iron present in red okra helps improve protein metabolism.
We have provided these details according to health experts and studies. This article is for your information only. For any minor health related problem the best way is to consult the doctors. Can observe.

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