Periods Myths: People believe these 5 things related to periods to be true, but these are just ‘myths’

Periods Myths: People believe these 5 things related to periods to be true, but these are just ‘myths’

Periods Myths: Periods are an important aspect of women’s life, which they have to face every month. Although it is a biological process, but in many parts of the world, menstruation has been associated with taboos, that is, during this time, women are prohibited from doing many things like washing hair, touching pickles, going to temples, praying to God. Going near the idol etc. You too must have heard these things many times from your elders. Not only this, there are many such things related to periods on the basis of which even today women are despised. Let us know about some such things related to periods, which people believe to be true, but these are just myths.    

1. Myth: Period blood is impure

Fact: You must have heard many times that the blood coming out of women’s body during periods is impure and dirty. Actually, many people do not know that periods cycle is an important process in the reproductive system of women, which works to prepare them for pregnancy.    

2. Myth: Missed period means pregnancy

Fact: Whenever women miss their periods, most of the people think that they are pregnant. While it is not so that periods are missed only because of pregnancy. There can be some other reasons for this such as excess weight, eating unhealthy food, polycystic ovary syndrome, any disease or stress and hormonal imbalance. Due to these also your periods can be missed. 

3. Myth: One should not exercise during periods

Fact: Many people believe that women should not do any heavy work or exercise during periods. But let us tell you that exercising during periods can prove to be beneficial for you. This will not only give you relief from pain, but will also remove body spasms.

4. Myth: Pregnancy cannot happen during periods 

Fact: Women can become pregnant even during periods. Because the period cycle repeats in 28-30 days. However, if a woman’s period cycle is short, then she can become sexually active after 6 days. After this ovulation process can happen. This is the reason why sperm can remain active even after periods. 

5. Myth: Hair should not be washed during periods

Fact: No study claims that women should avoid washing hair during periods. It is very important to maintain hygiene in every way during periods. This is the reason why people should avoid believing in hair washing. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or a related expert.

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