omicron is highly infectious these 7 foods and healthy habits will boost your bodys immune response – Immune Boosting Habits

People around the world are scared of the new variant of Corona, Omicron. Earlier the second wave was a big blow to the people. In view of the increasing cases of Omicron, a new variant of corona from South Africa, there is a possibility of a third wave. Although nothing can be said whether the third wave will come or not, but we all should continue to follow the covid protocol. If you remember, in the first and second wave, the virus first attacked people who had weak immune systems.

In such a situation, people took all possible measures to strengthen the immunity. The situation is now the same as before, so we all should be careful. We will have to make many changes in lifestyle to make immunity strong and include healthy foods in the diet. Apart from strictly following the COVID protocol, here are some ways in which you can activate your immune system. We have to understand that immunity cannot be strong in a day or a week. It is a lifelong commitment to dietary and lifestyle changes. So let’s know what changes can be made in your lifestyle to avoid the third wave.

keep body wet

Explain that the body parts can function properly only when there is a good amount of water present in the body. Since the thirst seems a little less during the winter season, many of us the mistake of drinking less water But remember that even though hydration is not directly linked to your immune system, it enables your body to function properly so keep drinking water even during the winter season.

Do a health checkup

To make immunity strong It is very important to pay attention to your body. Do a health checkup to check the level of vitamin D, calcium, iron in the body. If you find a defect, treat it accordingly and plan your diet accordingly.

stay away from stress

Stress is directly linked to your immune function. It has been proved in many studies that increased stress levels and anxiety affect your body. cause of weakening of immunity It is made So don’t panic and try to indulge in activities that can help you reduce stress.

don’t disturb your sleep

effects of poor sleep May affect your immunity. Many studies have shown that sleep is directly related to the immune system. So if you are not sleeping properly, then take measures to fix it. If even after this you do not sleep, then you should contact the doctor without doing it for a long time.

Try cashew milk for better sleep at night, with this indigenous recipe, you will get deep sleep in 2 minutes

eat healthy things

Foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, seeds are rich in nutrients. All these will help in making your body’s immune system strong. In fact, the antioxidants present in these foods reducing inflammation We do. Not only this, but they are also helpful in preventing chronic inflammation associated with many health conditions.

Say good bye to the lazy and be active

In the last few months, people have done heavy workouts without any guidance and have also seen its side effects. This is the reason why many doctors are now asking people to consult them before starting a hard workout routine. Doctors say that to stay safe, you should do moderate exercise and be physically active throughout the day, Walk as much as you can. This will improve immunity.

instill faith in ayurveda

whether the third wave came or not, But keep immunity strong It’s your responsibility. If immunity is good, then you will be protected from any infection. You can take the help of Ayurveda for this. Include immunity boosters like Ashwagandha and Giloy in your regular diet. Apart from this, drink Tulsi tea once a day and gargle with hot water once.

We must not forget that corona has not run away yet, so follow the corona protocol and strengthen your immunity by making small changes in your lifestyle mentioned here.

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Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.


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