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We understand that you are fed up of reading articles related to immunity boosting and corona infection and hearing the news about it. But even today there is no complete solution to this problem of corona virus. Except that you increase your immunity and follow the guidelines issued to prevent the corona epidemic.

Once again, when the corona virus is growing rapidly around the world, the US-based Central for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has given some important things that can help you to spread your body and ways of spreading the corona virus. Will help in understanding.

Such people are the first victims of Corona
– The wrath of the second and third waves of corona has increased as soon as the winter arrives. While the second wave is witnessing havoc in the rest of the country, Delhi, the capital of the country, is facing its third phase. If you want to increase facial affection, then definitely eat any one of these 7 things every day.


What to eat to defeat Corona?

In all the things related to Corona so far, it is clear that the first and easiest victims of Corona are the people whose immunity is weak. Along with this, it easily engulfs the young children and the elderly. These five fruits must be eaten in winter to keep the body healthy, corona will not dominate

This is how you get infection
Remind you that a large part of the immunity of human body depends on how healthy the gut bacteria in your intestines are. Because there is a whole channel of these bacteria, which helps protect you from many diseases.

-Once where the channel of gut bacteria is weakened, you are just vulnerable to infection. When your immune system or immunity system is weakly vulnerable to the virus that spreads, then the virus makes a copy with full capacity and attacks the internal organs of your body and you are vulnerable to infection. A mistake that is making life the corona virus, if you avoid it, you will be safe


What to eat to keep the intestines healthy

It’s not just for corona
-This process of spreading infection applies to every disease. Do not limit it to just corona infection. Because along with other seasonal diseases, deadly diseases like cancer also spread in the body due to this reason. 4 fun snacks to eat in the afternoon breakfast, they will neither increase the weight nor will it be bloating

Gut bacteria are weak due to this
– Let me tell you that non-veg food is very good for the body under certain conditions. But regular non-daily intake of food causes damage to your gut bacteria. Good bacteria of the intestines become happy after seeing radish, know the right way to eat radish according to time


What to eat to increase gut bacteria?

– By doing this, internal inflammation can increase in your body, sugar may increase, heart problems may occur, severe kidney disease or even cancer. Therefore, determine your diet with full caution. The side of radish leaves becomes piquant and tasty, it will surprise you

How to increase gut bacteria?
-The easiest and accurate way to increase Gut Bacteria is to include things that are digestible in your food. That means they are easily digested and also full of nutrition.

-You include things like curd, Bathu ka Raita, juicy fruits, green leafy vegetables, oats, poha, oatmeal in your diet. All these things will keep your intestines clean by giving adequate nutrition to your body. This will help increase gut count and digest food properly. Corona will attack you quickly, if your body is lacking this vitamin

These 5 should never eat radish parathas before working

Ashwagandha tea reduces the effect of cold, know the right way of regular intake

If you feel heaviness in your stomach after eating something, then after eating these 5 things you will get immediate benefits.

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