New glow will come in the burdened eyes, adopt these homely methods

Eye pain and bruising are a common problem today. Because we all have increased screen time on TV, mobile and laptop. But due to pain in the eyes, it becomes very difficult to focus on any work. In such a situation, you need immediate relief from this problem. Come, know here about the home remedies to relieve eye pain, soreness and fatigue …

Increases sensitivity
– You must have noticed that whenever your eyes are tired or painful, your eyes become very sensitive to light. At this time you do not like strong light at all.

Headache and heaviness due to pain in the eyes. Many times this pain increases and reaches around the ear and neck.


Why is eye irritation and fatigue?

Measures to get immediate relief from eye pain
– By adopting some home remedies, you can get instant relief from eye pain and heaviness. For this you first fill water in your mouth and keep this water in your mouth.

– Now stop the mouth watering, then apply cold water on the eyes. Do this three to four times a day. In this way, you will get instant relief and you will feel fresh.

‘Khesari ki dal’ is very beneficial in piles.

Use cotton cloth
– Take a clean cotton cloth. It would be good if this cloth is of some light color. If there is a white handkerchief of cotton then it would be even better.

Now take half a glass of clean and fresh water in a bowl. Mix half a glass of cold water in this fresh water. Add a teaspoon of rose water to it.

Now soak cotton handkerchief in this water and squeeze it lightly with your hands and lie down on both your eyes. You keep this bandage two to three times for 5-5 minutes and each time soak the bandage in water and squeeze it lightly. You will be relieved.

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Eye fatigue

Use of basil leaves
You can use basil and mint leaves to give freshness to the eyes. Soak basil and some mint leaves (8-10 leaves) in a bowl of water before going to bed at night.

After getting up in the morning, soak a clean cotton handkerchief in this water and keep it on the eyes and soak the bandage in water for a while and keep it fresh. By doing this, your eyes will remain fresh throughout the day and you will be able to work on the screen for a long time without any fatigue.

If you do not have time to do this work in the morning, then soak the leaves in water in the morning and use this water in the evening after office.

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