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Coronavirus started spreading in the country from the beginning of this year. In March, the government imposed a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of coronaviruses and took all necessary steps. Coronavirus is spreading rapidly even today and is not taking the name of stopping, but in the meantime, a disease that takes thousands of lives across the country every year and engages millions of people, due to corona, it is very mild Is being taken in Yes, we are talking about dengue which is not spread like corona, but it is no less dangerous disease. In India, this disease is spread by a particular mosquito bite. Year after year, the number of dengue cases is increasing in the country. It grows very fast after the monsoon.

Dengue virus is spread by mosquitoes that breed in dirty water. The easiest way to prevent getting infected by this is to keep your surroundings clean and prevent dirty water from collecting. Roads with pits and ponds prove to be a breeding ground for these mosquitoes. Well the correct thing is that there is better prevention than cure, but sometimes prevention becomes difficult. The disease starts with headaches, vomiting, body aches and high fever. If it is more effective then the patient may also have serious problems like bleeding from the gums, abdominal pain and vomiting of blood etc.
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If you notice symptoms, then the first step in treating it is to consult a doctor. After this, everyone needs to reach the hospital for treatment of the virus. Apart from treatment and medicine, better diet is recommended for prevention. If you want to recover fast, then you need a special diet for it. Here we are going to include you in our diet. Foods About which are helpful in this disease.


Orange: Orange is a fruit which is full of essential vitamins and minerals. It contains nutrients that help the patient recover faster. Orange is rich in fiber as well as vitamin C fruit. Both of these elements are very important antioxidants in prevention of dengue and healing the body rapidly. If you are struggling with this disease or someone close to you is in the grip of it, then you can advise him to eat it. Dengue patients are also advised to eat this fruit by doctors.


Coconut water: After dengue, there is a lack of water in the body, while during this time it is very important to hydrate the body. If you drink more water during this period, the sooner the body will recover from it. Although water is the most important, but coconut water contains more nutrients, electrolytes. Which help to flush out the toxic while regulating liquid substances in the body. This helps the body to recover faster.


Pomegranate: This small grain fruit is a large source of iron which helps in maintaining blood platelets count. Dengue virus causes blood platelets to fall. If they are maintained, then the body improves rapidly. Body exhaustion occurs during this disease. Pomegranate also helps in reducing fatigue and tiredness.


Papaya leaves / seeds: Dengue patients are advised to take papaya leaves and seeds. The juice extracted from papaya leaves and seeds greatly benefits the patients of this virus, they can also be eaten by grinding. It helps in making blood platelets. Research has shown that papaya seeds are toxic to Aedes mosquitoes. Be aware that Aedes are one of the mosquitoes that spread the virus, which initiates dengue.


Spinach: Eating spinach is always beneficial. Spinach is a vegetable rich in vitamins, iron and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients present in spinach help to improve the immune system. The body’s superior immune system helps in rapid recovery from infection.


turmeric: Turmeric is a very beneficial food. By the way, the health benefits of turmeric are not hidden from anyone. Being antiseptic and metabolism boosters, many doctors recommend the intake of turmeric with milk. It helps in rapid recovery during illness.
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Fenugreek: Fenugreek is said to be very beneficial for good sleep. It is known to promote sleep and acts as a mild tranquilizer which is helpful in reducing pain. At the same time it also proves effective to reduce high fever which is considered to be a major symptom during dengue.

Eat quinoa in breakfast, energy will be maintained throughout the day

Stay away from these foods: Patients suffering from dengue should stay away from oily food and mostly rely on light eating. Oily food contains a lot of fat which causes high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This will slow the recovery of the patient and the immune system is also weak. During this disease, it is advisable not to eat too much spicy food. Actually, due to this, the acid in the stomach accumulates and causes the ulcer to spoil the stomach.

Due to this malfunction, the recovery process slows down and the body fights the disease in double ways. One should stay away from caffeinated drinks during this period. During this, a more hydrate and relaxing drink is recommended. Caffeine-containing drinks should not be drunk at any cost. These drinks cause rapid heartbeat, fatigue, caffeine crash, and muscle breakdown during this period. These drinks can also hamper your recovery.

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