Navrtari Fasting: Popular fasting food is flower flower, use it every day to stay healthy in Navratri

In Ayurveda, flower Makhana has the status of a medicine, so due to its religious importance, worship of Goddess of wealth Lakshmi is considered incomplete without it. Phool Makhana is considered the favorite food of Goddess Lakshmi. According to Ayurveda, eating flower Makhana produces the blood properly in the body. Learn here, what benefits your health will get by eating flower Makhana during the nine days of Navratri…

Naturally nutritious
– Makhana is a food produced under water. The makhana is obtained as a middle and then roasted it is prepared a flower makhana. The peel that remains as the top layer of the Makhana is very hard.

– This peel as a protective shield not only protects the makhana from melting in water but also preserves its natural properties. This is the reason why its natural properties in Makhana remain completely safe for a long time.

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Benefits of eating Makhana during fast
– By eating Makhana in fast, your body gets complete nutrition. You do not eat regular food during the fast. In this case, your blood pressure may decrease. Or you may have difficulty focusing on work because of hunger.

-But by eating Makhana, the flow of blood in your body will also be fine and you will not also suffer from hunger. Because the amount of fibers in Makhana is very high and fiber keeps the stomach full for a long time. It also works to give you continuous energy.

Plenty of iron
– Let us tell you that Makhana is a major source of iron. If you have trouble sticking to its teeth while eating Phool Makhana, you can roast it in a spoon of food grade coconut oil or desi ghee and apply black salt.

In the world, less people like to eat black salt, so you can eat it with rock salt. There will not be any deficiency of sodium in your body and iron will help in maintaining energy level in your body.

Effective in relieving anemia
– People who have anemia problem, they should take Makhana regularly. Because Makhana not only works to increase the circulation of blood in your body but also helps in the production of blood.

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Benefits of eating Makhana during fast

Beneficial in protecting from dehydration
-Makhana is a water food but it does not contain water in itself. In such a situation, a question may come in your mind that how can Makhana protect you from dehydration?

– Actually, Makhana may not increase the amount of water in your body, but it does the work of holding water in your body. So that the moisture in your body remains as per the requirement and you do not have to face the problem of dehydration.

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